How did the app conversion rate become 18% bigger compared to competitors?

About Znam Majstora

Znam Majstora is a mobile app that helps you find a handyman with ease. Handymen publish their services, and users publish their needs for repairs. This app will make sure you find the right professionals for any kind of home service you need. After the work is done, you can rate the handyman in the app and make it easier for others to choose the best one.

App average conversion rate is 68.61%, which is around 18% more compared to our competitors. Let’s go through the whole process together!

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Development, Design, Maintenance and Support
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Project Challenges

The client came to us with the exact idea and the industry problem to solve. They wanted to go on the market with both iOS and Android apps.


Tight deadline

Our challenge was to develop MVP in the time frame requested. It was a tight deadline, but we wanted the client to be satisfied and able to proceed with plans within that timeframe.


Kotlin Multiplatform

We decided to use Kotlin Multiplatform and finish the initial version in the preferred time. The problem was that many libraries were unofficial and completely undocumented.


Complex feature

One of the most complex features was enabling users to rate how satisfied they were with the handyman’s work. We had to develop a solution that would close the system to prevent abuse, i.e., so that handymen couldn't rate each other indiscriminately as they prefer.

Our Solutions

The decision to use KMP helped us quickly find solutions to the above-mentioned problems and meet the client's expectations.


Tight deadline

Our development team decided Kotlin Multiplatform would be the best option for developing MVP within the timeframe. Sharing code between multiple platforms, including backend, iOS, and Android, will help us reduce development time and effort while keeping efficiency and consistency.


Kotlin Multiplatform

A lot of information is extracted from our team discussions within the library itself and from open bugs. It's very helpful when multiple people work together to solve a problem because they have different experiences and perspectives and it is easier to find a solution. In such situations, we turn to all possible sources that could help.


Complex feature

To prevent abuse of the rating feature, we completely closed the system, creating an entire collaboration concept that must be accepted to rate someone. A validation process was established where ratings had to be approved by a designated authority, such as a superadmin, before being finalized and displayed publicly.

Technologies we used

We decided to use Kotlin Multiplatform to provide a flawless native experience. This promoted efficiency in development by enabling us to write code only once and distribute it across several platforms.

Platforms shared the whole business logic and the UI was written natively, using Jetpack Compose for Android and SwiftUi for iOS, which provided us with both development speed, and a native look and feel.


Znam Majstora app was first tested in a smaller city in Serbia, not globally. That is what makes these results even more impressive.

“We had a specific industry problem and wanted to help people solve it with a unique app. Our first plan was to test the MVP version in a couple of smaller cities in Serbia, but we didn't expect to encounter such positive reactions from users so quickly. Aetherius Solution’s team developed the first version in just 1 month with 0 bugs and issues!”

68.61% conversion rate

which is 18% more compared to competitors

1 month

for MVP development

0 bugs

found on the Android app

1.8k users

in the first 2 months in Serbia