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"Aetherius Solutions helped the client improve revenue and customer ratings. The team always provided content on time and took the initiative to solve things really quickly. They also demonstrated flexibility, high motivation, and good team spirit."

A satisfied client who trusted Aetherius to develop the app
Felix Wolf
Senior Consultant & Program Manager, Merkle DACH

"Aetherius Solutions' work achieved the correct functionality, satisfying the client's expectations, and planning to collaborate on a larger project in the future."

Aetherius Solutions and a trusted partner for cross-platform app development
Mike Ralph
Managing Director, Band of Coders

"Working with Aetherius solutions was pure pleasure. They helped us bring our iOS MVP application to life while constantly providing valuable ideas on how we can further improve our product"

Aetherius Solutions: Satisfiied Client Feedback
Adam Shishani
Founder, Dopalearn

“We had a specific industry problem and wanted to help people solve it with a unique app. Our first plan was to test the MVP version in a couple of smaller cities in Serbia, but we didn't expect to encounter such positive reactions from users so quickly. Aetherius Solution’s team developed the first version in just 1 month with 0 bugs and issues!”

A satisfied client who trusted Aetherius to develop the app
Katarina Ristić
Founder & COO, Znam Majstora

"Aetherius Solutions team reassured us with their experience and knowledge that there are still companies that respect agreements. We successfully executed our plans, and the team followed our desires throughout, consistently working on the Salona application."

A satisfied client who trusted Aetherius to develop the app
Djordje Dimitrijević
Founder & CEO, Salona

"We have had a great experience with Aetherius Solutions. Their skilled developers provided us with clear and detailed information, ensuring effective communication throughout the project. I would highly recommend them for any project you might have."

A satisfied client who trusted Aetherius to develop the app
Srdjan Miladinovic
Sales Operations Manager, Ingsoftware